Friday, January 24, 2014

Another project completed.
This is made from walnut and maple, the walnut was found across the street from my sons house in a cut down tree.  I took it home and sliced it, dried it,and turned it into a lamp.
The clamp on the side is made also out of walnut, maple and brace.  This allows the height of the lamp to be adjusted.

This is the attachment for the arm of the lamp which can be loosened and the angle can adjusted as well.

The lamp shade was made out of the straightest walnut grain I could find still from that walnut log.  I made 12 slats angled all edges and glued it two at a time.

The final look.  My reading lamp, with my comforter which my sister and I made when I was still in high school, God rest her soul, and my heart pillow I receive my open heart surgery.  

The perfect reading light.

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