Friday, June 13, 2014

Drone up date:

just finished creating a major part for the entire plane.  This block holds the wings together the tail section and the main  landing gear will also be attached here it is made out of a solid piece of fur.  (it's a piece of 4X4)
I thought it would be fun to this into perspective so I attached the wings for fun and to verify the fit.

The wing is 11 feet long.
Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This is almost as big as the plane William flue into Cleveland,

next is to finish up the tail in the couple of days, then onto the landing gear and engine.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Drone is coming along.  Calculating how angle to add to the pitch of the wing.
A better perspective of the 12 foot wingspan,  the center section will be built into the fuselage.
I really hate waiting for glue to dry.

I need more clamps, lots more.

These are the tail sections that the V tail will attach, note the conduit, that is for two purposes one is to strengthen the other is to run the electrical to the tail.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

plane update

Major air-frame modifications.  
adding a permanent 4 foot wing section to the fuselage 

fuselage 59 inches

lots of glue

more glue and dry time

Last bit of glue, well for now
Starting to come together, 59 in fuselage and 11 foot 6 inch wings the engine 1.5 hp 21 inch prop and the tail section will be aft the prop by 3 feet.

New Kitchen Cabnet

I started out needing more space for my home brew bottles and fermenting equipment.  So one thing lead to another boredom set in and the project began.

Hinges are made of Walnut with finger joints.

Knobs are also made of walnut with just enough indentation to be able to an easy grip to open the doors.

Walnut knobs and hinges on the oak cabinet.

Just enough room to hold glass ware.

The bottom is used to ferment my brew.  The drawer is for hold lids and other small equipment.

See the brass pin in the hinge?  Well that is the only metal used.

Final product.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Another project completed.
This is made from walnut and maple, the walnut was found across the street from my sons house in a cut down tree.  I took it home and sliced it, dried it,and turned it into a lamp.
The clamp on the side is made also out of walnut, maple and brace.  This allows the height of the lamp to be adjusted.

This is the attachment for the arm of the lamp which can be loosened and the angle can adjusted as well.

The lamp shade was made out of the straightest walnut grain I could find still from that walnut log.  I made 12 slats angled all edges and glued it two at a time.

The final look.  My reading lamp, with my comforter which my sister and I made when I was still in high school, God rest her soul, and my heart pillow I receive my open heart surgery.  

The perfect reading light.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The things we do for the people that mean the most to us...

My wife is quilter and needed an ironing board (She already has 2 of them).  This one needed to be BIGGER so she can iron a bigger surface (a quilting thing).  So do you think you can go out and buy one?  NO, you can't.

Her requirements were that the top (ironing surface) need to be 24 inches by 60 inches and she wanted it to 36 inches above the ground.  First I thought I would be sneaky and just make the top and add it on one of her ironing boards.  I wasn't into making it into a project.  Well that didn't work to well it was very unstable.  So i started doing some research on the internet and to my amazement there were pictures of wooden ironing boards, new ones.  Yuck, and expensive.  However, while on that search page out of the corner of my eye I saw a 1923 ironing board.  OKAY the project was on.

I put the large iron top on my 1923 reproduction ironing board bottom.  I made it out of Walnut that was salvaged for a demo out at the Sprint Headquarter Campus, and the cross member was salvaged from a walnut firewood log.

We then covered the top with 3 layers of cotton batting and denim.   Works well.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Finally was able to install the desk/hutch for Toni at the animal clinic.  I think it was a perfect match.  I gave them more desk work space, more display space, more floor space and it looks good. 
It is made of oak with 2 coats of dark red mahogany stain and 2 coats of polyurethane.