Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The things we do for the people that mean the most to us...

My wife is quilter and needed an ironing board (She already has 2 of them).  This one needed to be BIGGER so she can iron a bigger surface (a quilting thing).  So do you think you can go out and buy one?  NO, you can't.

Her requirements were that the top (ironing surface) need to be 24 inches by 60 inches and she wanted it to 36 inches above the ground.  First I thought I would be sneaky and just make the top and add it on one of her ironing boards.  I wasn't into making it into a project.  Well that didn't work to well it was very unstable.  So i started doing some research on the internet and to my amazement there were pictures of wooden ironing boards, new ones.  Yuck, and expensive.  However, while on that search page out of the corner of my eye I saw a 1923 ironing board.  OKAY the project was on.

I put the large iron top on my 1923 reproduction ironing board bottom.  I made it out of Walnut that was salvaged for a demo out at the Sprint Headquarter Campus, and the cross member was salvaged from a walnut firewood log.

We then covered the top with 3 layers of cotton batting and denim.   Works well.

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