Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I did do some more work on the canoe.

Well I just want to say that I like birds.  I like birds so much I made a bird feeder.  And it works it attracted all types of song birds.  I guess I did a good job on attracting wildlife. hahaha
Okay back to the Canoe.  I'm bad and did not keep you up to date.  I did work on the canoe over the past couple of days and got quite a bit done.  I finished bending all the ribs and installed them.  Which means that all the knots are tied. Wow were there a bunch of them to tie.  I installed the inside rail, floorboards, cross member and the part that ties the front together.
Inside rail


Just a cool photo of the front of the canoe (or back)

Cross member note the curve.  Attached to walnut on the sides.

This is the part that holds the front and the back of the canoe together.

Next step is to put a coat of polyurethane on all sides of all the wood, that could take a day or two.

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