Monday, June 24, 2013

Starting to bend wood

Well today I started to install the ribs.  bending wood wasn't quite as hard as I thought it might be.  I found this old black plastic pipe about 5 feet long and glued an old can lid to the bottom.  After it dried I boiled water on the stove and filled the pipe with boiling water, put the cross members (2) in and had a cup of coffee.  After a good cup of coffee, about 15 minutes, the ribs were ready for bending.  I grabbed one of those hot ribs and clamped it to the center of the canoe.  Yes it went perfect,  I'm thinking I'll short time of this project.  Okay the next one broke, and the next.  Looks like the fist one was just beginners luck.

I added the two broken ones to the front of the boat, maybe this is the back?  I really don't think it matters yet both ends are the same at this point.
I'm using the art of lashing knots.  I'm using waxed nylon string.  I remember teaching these knots to my Webelo's.  That was loads of fun, anyway I was watching real close to make sure when you tighten the knot that wood should dent where the string goes around the corner of the wood.
Lashing knots go everywhere two pieces of wood meets.  No i have not calculated how many knots the canoe will have.  I might count them after the last one is on.

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