Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Oh my this project has taken so long..I made this machinist tool box out of recycled wood from construction sites..I got the Maple from a gym where they had to take out some flooring that they had just put in and then they dumped in in the trash.  The Walnut knobs handles hinges came from Sprint Center in Overland Park Kansas where they did a remodel and throw it out also.  I was wanting this to be like the old style of the early 1800s  so I used box joints (finger joints) on every joint I could. yes all four corners of each drawer the lid, base.  (I had to make a jig to make all those cuts and it needed to repeatable.  so it has a crank , gears    I can say one thing it is going to stay together for ever.  I made a wooden latch to hold the top open.

I'm going to give it to my wife for her quilting stuff.  I hope she likes it.

  For me it is all about designing, planning and making things.

The airplane was made from the scraps from this box.  I almost have a second biplane completed also from the scraps.

Next project maybe a canoe or a kayak, summer is coming and I think it would be fun to paddle around on a lake in the morning,   

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