Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wonderful news. I'm currently making a Machinist Tool Box out of scrap maple flooring that was pulled out of a gym. It was new and evidently didn't pass specs, I found it in the dumpster. Well while I was making the tool box I was creating lots of even smaller scraps. It reminded me when i was young I used to make u-control airplanes with the Cox 0.049 engines. I started to make one out the the scrap. One thing led to another and here is that creation. YES, everything on the plane is made out of scraps. I used the scrap from the tool box, By the way was the same scrap from the gym flooring, you know those flags the utility co use to mark the berried cables, I used one of them for the landing gear, and the elevator and rudder is held on by scrap material my wife through away from one of her quilts. The stain was used coffee. What a fun project. Now back to my box. Yes I will show you it when I finish.

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